Monday, August 11, 2008

Apple Candy

Also last Monday (8/4), Caleb got to eat his first apple. He's had diced apples and apple slices before, but never just an entire apple to do with what he pleased. He loved it! There was a slight hiccup in the apple eating adventure when Sara traded Caleb his apple for a Cheeto she found on the floor, and then didn't want to give the apple back. So Caleb got a second apple and was happy once again. Caleb carried that apple around the rest of the day, taking bites here and there, happy as can be.

These first few are Caleb's cheesy smile. Whenever I get out the camera, I get a total cheese smile first. He loves having his picture taken (most of the time). Sometimes, when he gives me a cheesy grin, he'll just hold it forever until I finally take the picture (as was the case with this third picture).

Eating his apple:

Taking a break to play for a minute:

And back to eating that apple (notice how red his face got while playing):

This is way better than that candy everyone else was eating earlier that day!


samandholly said...

Sure it's better... just keep telling yourself that... then you realize that Sara had the candy AND the apple!

Lindsey said...

I LOVE the 5th (I think) picture down, where he is looking at the camera and taking a big bite- his eyes look SO BLUE!!!!