Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Caleb and I made our first craft project together today. It's a firework/torch thing that we were supposed to make when Laura and Agnes were here, but never got around to doing. Since we already had all the stuff, Caleb and I gave it a try this morning.

I couldn't find a functional glue stick, which made the whole thing less Caleb friendly. He did really enjoy putting on the foam stickers, and helping tear the paper. But for the most part, he wanted to take the whole thing apart while I was still trying to put it together.

Afterwards though, he thought it was so much fun to play with. He especially loved waving the "flames" in Mommy's face, as well as beating a few bushes with it.

And when he got bored, peeling the stickers off again also proved enjoyable.

I thought this picture was so cute, I had to try it out in black and white. Caleb's been teething pretty bad lately. We've been waiting for his fourth top tooth to come in and it's been taking its sweet ol' time. We've been so focused on it though, that it wasn't until Saturday that I noticed one of his top back molars has come in. And it's quite a ways in too, so I have no idea when he got it. Although, I'm pretty sure I'd checked only a week or so before that. It's possible that the middle top tooth finally broke through on Sunday, but it isn't making much progress still. And now he has another molar on the other side trying to make it's way down.

With all those new teeth trying to come, Caleb hasn't been sleeping well. Lately he insists that he can't sleep unless he's sleeping with me. Usually on me. And while I hate not getting anything done during naps (and going to bed extra early, only to read by flashlight), I love holding my cute sleeping baby. He sweats a lot when he sleeps and it makes him smell so good. He smells a lot like summer rain, which is my favorite smell, only more Caleb-like.


Barbour said...

love the craft. Teak's favorite thing is to pull it apart also.