Thursday, August 21, 2008

Play Ball

Caleb is now seventeen months old. In some ways, he's such a big boy, and yet at the same time, still such a baby. He loves to be held and cuddled (although only when he wants to be) and has been waking up at insane hours these last couple weeks only to climb into bed with me and go back to sleep once he's laying on top of me. He's completely capable of getting anywhere he wants to be, including up and down the stairs, but prefers to be carried. He's developed some amazing speed at stepping around me. Often when I want him to walk beside me, he'll quickly move in front of me and hold up his little arms, wanting to be picked up instead.

His favorite thing to do is bang on things. He's quite the little drummer. He also likes to roll his arms around each other (like you'd do when playing patty cake and are rolling the dough). He does it all the time when he's walking or standing around. I'm not really sure where he got it from. I think from watching his cousins play patty cake, but who knows. After Sara went back to California, Caleb wanted to play ring around the roses all the time (which he learned from her), but that's died down for the most part. He loves to be chased, but only by his mommy. He'll pull my finger to drag me off the couch, then once I'm standing, he'll let go and start to run, expecting me to follow him. He also loves to climb on things and I'm constantly reminding him to be careful. He's been learning to "jump," which translates into climbing up on something and then falling into Mommy and hoping I catch him.

One of our favorite games to play is baseball. The first time, we played using two little plastic toy trains. I'd roll one across the table toward Caleb and he'd use a second train to hit the first one off the table. Over and over again. We've also played using bowls on top of a plastic cup, and at the pool, Caleb used his noodle to hit the beach ball. So today, we finally got him an actual bat and ball and made him a tee using his pool noodle (which was too long anyway for such a little boy). Needless to say, he absolutely loved it!

Running toward the tee, so excited to play.

It was really hard to capture a picture of him hitting the ball, so here's a video as well. Of course, once the camera was rolling, he decided to chase the ball after he hit in, which he wasn't doing before, so you also get to see him throwing the ball.


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You dress him so cute!! It makes me want a boy!