Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One Last Farewell to Roseville

Caleb and I left Roseville a while ago, but now even Brandon's moved on as well (up to Chico), so I thought it was an appropriate time to show some pictures of the kind of things we did at our apartment complex. These are from a walk Caleb and I went on just two days before we left.

Typical Caleb walk activities around our complex:

Play in the dirt. Often filter through the dirt for acorns to take home with us.

Beat the bushes. (Probably his favorite thing to do when we'd go for walks there.)

Love Yertle. (Yertle didn't often accompany us on walks. In fact, this might have been the only time.)

More love for Yertle. (What can I say? I love when he loves that turtle. It was a very conscious effort getting him to attach to that turtle and I just think it's so cute how much he loves Yertle.)

Bark at cats.

Examine the cat a little closer. The better to bark at.

Proof he's his daddy's son. I almost never walk across the grass, due to the time I spent at BYU and their unofficial slogan "cougars don't cut corners." Every walk we went on, I was always so proud of Caleb for following me along the sidewalk and never cutting corners either. This last Roseville walk we went on, there was no sparing the grass. Daddy's boy after all.

Now that we walk on grass, we might as well pull some out too.

And when beating the bushes doesn't satisfy, you might as well use Yertle to whack a few flowers.


Patti said...

I am so happy you're not in Roseville anymore! I have loved having you and Caleb stay with me.

Lesley Wright said...

Caleb is so funny. Pulling out the grass and wacking the flowers with Yertle none the less. I think it is so cute that he likes that turtle so much. Takes after his mommy in that. *Chuckle *Chuckle

Fox Family said...

Karen, you are funny. I love the grass comments. Caleb is cute... barking at cats, attacking plants with Yertle. Good times!! it was fun while you were here. Don't fall off the face of the earth and never write, okay?