Saturday, August 9, 2008

Flashback - A Month Ago

It's been interesting to see how Caleb reacts to other kids his age, especially his cousins. When we first got back to Utah, it was kind of a hard adjustment for Caleb and Agnes to learn to coexist in Nana's house together. After spending several days with Samuel's girls, Agnes and Caleb get along a lot better. But still, I wouldn't say they get along well. Whenever Agnes touches Caleb, he starts to protest, knowing that if he doesn't freak out fast, she's likely to tackle him to the ground. She doesn't really do gentle with him, and he doesn't enjoy any physical contact with her.

A month ago, for Nathan's birthday, Caleb and I babysat Trevor. I'd been worried about the two cousins being together with only one adult supervising, but there was no reason for my hesitations. The boys got along great. At first, Caleb was a little leery of Trevor, wanting to keep his distance and just watch him. But pretty soon, Caleb no longer wanted to sit in my lap but in Trevor's. It was so cute watching Caleb try and give Trevor hugs and loves.

So I know he has it in him to love his cousins, and to give friendly hugs. Maybe one day, he'll love Agnes too.


Virginia Collinwood said...

AAAWE... Trevor asks for Caleb a lot... I will show him pictures online and he asks if he can play. Makes me sad. Hehe. Cute pictures! I am going to steal them of course :D.

Also, Trev is seriously leery with Jocelyn's kids because they are nothing like him... but I know, if we give it some patience, our kids will shine.

Miss you!

Barbour said...

I love those pics. We played with TRevor today however my boys were very active so TRevor mainly watched