Friday, August 8, 2008

Hanging out in Provo

Here's what we do when hanging out at our house in Provo:

Try to break into the piggy bank. How else do you get the money out? (I've since had to hide the piggy bank since Caleb loves to empty it and fill it up over and over again until he loses interest, and I end up with a floor full of coins.)

Ride in the truck. (That's right. IN the truck. As in, Caleb had me take the seat off of the truck so he could sit in the hole. It's how he rides his dump truck, so I guess he figured it applies to all trucks.)

Eat popsicles. (I found these fruit popsicles that are made with real fruit and no sugar added. Caleb loves them. The first time we ate one, we started out by sharing bites while I held the popsicle, then we shared while Caleb held it, but soon the sharing was over and Caleb kept the whole thing to himself.)

Pretend we're in Jamaica. (It's so hot in our house. We don't have air conditioning there. So we sweat and sweat and wear as little clothes as possible.)


AbbyDawn said...

Maddie does the SAME THING with her piggy bank. It now lives on top of the bookshelf and she "cries" for her piggy daily.