Saturday, August 23, 2008

Neighborhood Carnival

On Tuesday (8/19), my mom's neighborhood had a little carnival thing in the park. They had several different bounce houses, lots of free food (sno cones, popcorn, cotton candy, and watermelon), balloon animals, basketball and volleyball. Here's what Caleb thought of the festivities:

He wasn't at all interested in the sno cone. He might have tried one little taste, then left the rest of it for me to eat.

Instead, he preferred a good ol' piece of watermelon.

He hated the cotton candy.

I mean, he really HATED it. Cried every time it came near him, whether on the stick or off. Which meant Mommy ate that too.

Have I mentioned before that he really likes watermelon? Here he is on his second piece. I thought the seeds might deter him, since normally we get seedless watermelon, but he didn't even notice.

He also drank a little bit of water. Forget the junk food.

He found an abandoned ball and thought it'd like a friend.

And what good is one ball when you can have two? Only Nana stopped him from pilfering this one too.

He liked wandering around.

You can see in the background all the fun stuff there was to do that Caleb didn't actually do. But at least it's there.

Okay, enough fun. Let's go.

And since Daddy wasn't there with us, here's a video of how cute our little boy is these days. So grown up.


Barbour said...

branching out are we. I bet you were happy he didn't eat the sugary stuff. first of many more festivals

Elizabeth said...

How fun. I love when people put on free carnivals. Naomi is the same way with junk food. She won't eat cake but she loves a good apple.

Lesley Wright said...

That is so funny that he hated the cotton candy. Tons of kids love it (since it is all sugar). I guess it is something to be thankful for