Saturday, June 14, 2008

Be Thankful for the Little Things

Today's lesson: be thankful for the little things.

Like, when your child refuses to eat anything all day long, be thankful for it. Because then, when he later throws up absolutely everything in his stomach, you know it could have been a lot worse. Instead of two fruit snacks and a bottle of milk, you could be cleaning up an entire day's worth of food.

Be thankful, as you are cleaning up said puke, that at least most of it got on the top sheet of the bed, which is way easier to throw into the wash than a lot of other things. And at least your child doesn't need an emergency bath session, since he more or less avoided throwing up on himself. That's something to be thankful for.

End of lesson. Hope you learned it well, so you don't have to experience it yourself.

Tooth number seven emerged yesterday. It's so easy to blame everything on teething. So when Caleb woke up a million times during the night two nights straight, then was beyond tired all day long both yesterday and today, resulting in him wanting to be held constantly, and then added to his other symptoms a utter refusal to eat, followed by a fever so hot that even his hands and feet were burning, I blamed it all on teething.

After cleaning up much puke, I'm starting to have second thoughts on the origin of his symptoms.


Nora's world said...

Sorry Caleb is sick. The girls aren't showing any signs of it. But look on the bright side, you have cute toes? :)

Patti said...

Karen has cute toes? Cuter than they normally are? Sounds like Karen got a pedicure??
I'm sorry Caleb is sick too. I hope it goes away as fast as it came. I'm glad you got to spend a couple days in SoCal. Feel better fast, Caleb! Nana loves you!

Barbour said...

poor caleb.