Thursday, June 5, 2008

Getting Faster

While not running yet, Caleb's starting to be a quick little walker. Especially in the house. He's such a good little boy and will come wherever I want him to come. That is, until we go outside.

Outside, he's the slowest little turtle. He loves to look around at all the things, pointing at them, sometimes picking them up. Often, he'll take a wrong turn, though for the most part, he'll walk straight to the car (which is down a little ways from our apartment door). Coming home though, he never wants to go back in and will wander off wherever he can until Mommy comes to fetch him.

(At the store, he's not allowed to roam much, since he always runs away from me and thinks it's so super funny to have me chase after him.)


The R.O.C. said...

He looks like he's getting really tall. We were out of town when you called. I'm planning on calling you back soon. Looks like he's still alive, so all is well, right?

Mia said...

Oh my goodness! These pictures make him look like a kid! I wish we could slow down the transition away from babies a little.