Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sliding pictures

As mentioned in my last post, Caleb and I went down to Chino for a brief visit the other week. While we were there, Caleb and I walked over to the park in the middle of my dad's neighborhood. I was a little envious of the fact that a park is just two houses away. If we had a park that close, I'm sure Caleb would be dragging me there every day.

We've been to the park a few times before, but I'm not sure if Caleb's ever enjoyed it before or not. This time, however, there was no doubt about it. He was going down the slide all by himself, climbing up the stairs to get back to the top of the slide, and even trying to just climb up the slide itself.

Fun going down.

Look at him fly!

A big smile at the bottom.

I love this "roar" face he kept making as he was climbing around.

Thinking about climbing up again.

Trying to get to the top the "easy" way.

Later, we went back with Caleb's cousins, Nora and Sara. Caleb decided to be really shy and not want to play at all. He absolutely loved Nora though, and she was always so sweet with him. (Sara, on the other hand, thought it was fun to go down the double slide on the side that Caleb was standing at the bottom of, over and over again. But we still love her! And I don't think she beat him up this trip, so we're definitely making progress.)


Barbour said...

maybe he won't get scared now when my boys roar at him