Monday, June 23, 2008


We've all been sick this past week, but are starting to do better now. Soon I'll be recovered enough to go through all the photos I took while Caleb and I were in Chino the other week. In the meantime, here is some video of Caleb going down the slide, all by himself. It was his first time doing it on his own, and I was so very proud of him.

(I know the camera goes funky at the end, but that was because I needed to catch my son when he reached the bottom, and wasn't looking as I tried to capture the big smile on Caleb's face. He loved the slide!)


Patti said...

I think Caleb will love the slide at Nana's house (unlike last time). It's yellow too! Isn't there a song about Yellow? Cold Play comes to mind...
I hope you're all better now!