Friday, June 27, 2008

Empty Cupboards Blow

Caleb's been a crazy eating machine lately. He now understands where the food comes from (i.e. the fridge or the one cupboard with all his snacks) and will go into the kitchen and bang on the doors of either one of these when he wants food. Which is all the time. I seriously spend the entire day trying to figure out what to feed him next.

He's gotten into the funny habit lately of signing all done when he's eating when there is still food on his tray (no, that's not the funny part). I'll get him all cleaned up and start to take him out of his chair, when suddenly he gets this panicked look on his face and quickly grabs another bite or two to take with him on his way back down to the floor.

Today, he did another cute/funny thing. A few weeks ago, he had this obsession with my hair being in my face. If a strand ever fell into my face, he'd attack it, trying to brush it aside. Today was the exact opposite. Some hair fell in my face, as it tends to do, and I blew at it in hopes of moving it away. Caleb thought it was so funny. Several times today, he intentionally moved my hair into my face and then would blow on me, trying to make the hair move.

He's also taken to stroking my hair, which I think is so sweet and adorable. He's very soft about it, too. If my hair brush is lying around (which it usually isn't), he'll brush my hair for a really long time. I've been growing it out for him, which is funny to me, since when he was first born, I kept cutting it shorter and shorter so he wouldn't pull on it while nursing. Now it's growing long again so he can play with it.

He's starting to talk a lot more now. Still not a whole lot of words, but it surprises me every time he says something new. Since a month ago when I made his word list, he's added: tickle tickle tickle (which is so cute and usually accompanied by him trying to tickle himself), ball, tree, eye, up, bump and bottle. He's also finally saying mommy and daddy like he means it, but not a whole ton. He's started signing eat when you ask him if he's hungry (instead of just when he hears the word eat).

Other than that, not much going on around here. Caleb's got a fever again. Just when I thought we were all done being sick.


Barbour said...

poor kid. Poor Karen dealing with sick kid.

Patti said...

You better come to my house where there's lots of food.

Lesley Wright said...

How fun! Little one year old boys are my favorite. They are the cutest. Caleb sounds like so much fun.