Monday, June 30, 2008

Day Off

Today, Virginia took the day off of work, which meant that we finally got to play! It also helped that Caleb's only taking one nap a day now, so our boys nap at the same time (as opposed to when we first got out here for the summer, and Caleb took two naps while Trevor napped during the only time Caleb was really awake during the day).

To start our day of festivities, we took the boys to a nearby park. I've been wanting to go there for a while because there's a ship that the kids can play on in addition to a normal playset. The ship turned out to be geared for kids a little older, since it was mostly climbing. Caleb didn't play too much at the park, since there were other kids around. But once they left, he started to have more fun. (Although, he definitely enjoys just watching other kids play. So I guess it's a win win.)

After naptime, Caleb and I headed over to Virginia's apartment. She had (washable) finger paints and canvases for the boys to paint on. I'd brought Caleb a different shirt to wear, in case he got a little paint on himself, but then decided we might as well let the boys paint naked. Good thing too!

Caleb painting.

At first, he was hesitant to stick his fingers in the paint, but that soon became his favorite part.

He liked sticking his hands in the paint so much that he forgot to paint on his canvas.

I think he ended up with more paint on himself than he did on the canvas.

When we told him he couldn't stick his hands in the paint anymore, he got so upset.

But look at those hands! He definitely didn't need more paint.

He was momentarily distracted by dipping his hands in the water instead. He liked scooping the water up and pouring it onto the carpet next to him.

After all that fun, it was definitely time for a bath! The paint washed off so easily and Caleb loved playing with all Trevor's fun bath toys. In fact, he loved Trevor's toys so much, he didn't even notice that he was in a big huge bathtub. It was the first time he's had a bath in the big tub (instead of his baby tub inside the big tub) without any tears.

We had such a great day. Probably the best day we've had all summer while Daddy's been working.


B'more Reads said...

What did the carpet look like after Caleb painted it? It looks like he had a blast. Renoir the second in training?

B'more Reads said...

um, that was your mom's comment, not Laura's. Sorry for the confusion. (This is your mom's comment too).

Nora's world said...

best day... except for the time you spent in Chino of course... :)

Virginia Collinwood said...

I am really glad you had a great day! I did as well. The next time I am off we should go on an adventure to Old Sac or something :). Thanks for spending time with us... Trevor loves Cayobbin.

Barbour said...

How fun, cousins playing and having a great big old mess. Love the hands