Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Holding Hands

Caleb doesn't typically like his hand being held. He'll tolerate it out of necessity - usually only if there's a step down or other unstable ground and he knows that he's likely to fall if he doesn't let me help him. But for the most part, if he's walking, he's walking by himself thank you very much.

Today, however, Caleb figured out one of the advantages to holding hands. See, holding hands doesn't just mean that he goes where I tell him. It can also mean that I go where he tells me. Three times today he reached out for my hand (once even reaching with his other hand and placing it underneath my leg to help get me up off the couch), then gleefully led me where he wanted me to be.

No big guess here where he wanted to go, right? The fridge. Where the food is. The third time he pulled me over to his chair since I had left the pineapple on the table and he decided he wasn't done yet.

He's just so cute. Everything he does, I'm just so in love with him. How do you say no to such a cute little boy?


Virginia Collinwood said...

It's definitely hard to say no, but if you don't start doing it soon- he may just become a monster. I know you won't want that :D.

Not saying that Caleb has the potential to ever really become a monster... but... I am sayin' it. LOL.

He is definitely a cute, cute kid. :)

Patti said...

That's a pretty smart boy you've got there. He's precious.