Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back in Utah

Caleb meets his new cousin, Eliot Felix Read, already a month old.

Caleb and Agnes love Nana. Especially Caleb. In fact, he might love Nana more than he loves Mommy.

Sweet loves from Agnes. Agnes tends to love like Caleb's friend Teak -- you know, the tackling kind of love. But sometimes she can be gentle.

Our favorite Pioneer Day float. (We saw them on display at the Expo Center -- I took other pictures but Caleb wouldn't pose. He didn't want to do anything except have Nana hold him.)


Lisa said...

Welcome back! We should get together sometime soon.

Barbour said...

What floats. Totally puts our pioneer day down.

Elizabeth said...

Does this mean you're back in Utah, or were you just here for a short time? I hope you're back in Utah. Well if you're not, whenever you get back we need to get together when you are. I wonder if Naomi and Caleb will play nice together. We miss you.