Monday, July 7, 2008

River Ducks

At Royer Park, where we went for the 4th of July parade, there's a bridge that connects the park to the parking lot. Under the bridge, ducks gather in the river hoping for some food. After watching the parade the other day, we headed down to the river for a little bit of solitude.

Okay, mostly we went just because it seemed like a really pretty spot to take pictures. And I love taking pictures. Caleb was tired from having watched the parade all day, so we didn't get any cute smiling pictures of him. But even when he's being a bugger, he's still cute.

And we did feed the ducks some yummy goldfish crackers. (Until this huge one started to get too close and I freaked out.)


Fox Family said...

Excellent pictures of you and your sweet little boy!! When are you going to come over and play????

Barbour said...

I love the pictures with you and caleb. You need to do more of those

Virginia Collinwood said...

AAAAAAawwe. ::grin:: Definitely some adorable pictures. I love them all! Thanks for hanging out with me and being happy. :)


I love you.