Sunday, July 6, 2008

Celebrating America

We had an awesome Independence Day. Brandon and the guys started work early, so Darcee made us all breakfast. We had crepes with strawberries, and Caleb ate so many strawberries.

Even after Brandon left, Caleb kept eating strawberries. He'd take hold of my finger and lead me back into the dining room to get another one.

Katie and Bracken had just gotten this cute little puppy. Caleb spent most of the time while we were there either chasing the puppy or running away from it.

After breakfast, we went to watch the Roseville parade with Virginia and Trevor. Caleb was pretty grumpy before we left, but perked up as soon as we left the house.

What a cute little parade watcher!

At first, Caleb's favorite thing was this old fashioned fire truck.

But then these cute little girls rode by and he couldn't stop staring!

I think Caleb's mommy needs to have this car. Don't you agree?

Another look, in case you missed it the first time.

Caleb figured out that playing with his stroller can be just as much fun as watching the parade.

I love this sweet baby! In case you were wondering from all the many facial expressions Caleb makes what he really looks like most the time, this is it. (Except in color)

After having a BBQ at the pool, we set off a little firework show in the parking lot.

I told the lady at the firework stand that I didn't want anything too noisy, so we ended up with some pretty good stuff that didn't scare Caleb. He was so fascinated and couldn't bare to look away.

But he was also dead tired. He alternated between wanting to rest his head on one of our shoulders, and needing to watch the fireworks.

All in all, a great day. We love America!


Virginia Collinwood said...

aaaawe no pictures from the duck experience?

Lesley Wright said...

Cute little family!