Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Caleb and I found these shoes the other week at Toys R Us. I've been looking for some sandals for him since he was outgrowing his other ones. It has been so hard to find him a pair. I don't understand why. For one, it's the middle of summer. For two, we're in California!

So, at Toys R Us, we stop to look at the shoes and were going to buy this really ugly pair, since there just weren't any real options. In fact, all the shoes on the boy side of the aisle, were closed toed actual shoes. But then I thought that maybe they had some shoes not out on display. I grabbed this box that said size 5 and opened it. Inside where the above shoes.

I looked to see if maybe they had a size 6, just so he'd have a little room to grow, but this was the only pair of sandals they had. The only box that was randomly in the pile of shoes, the only ones not on display. Taking this as a sign, I figured we ought to buy the shoes. Well, lo and behold, the shoes are a size 6, even though the box said size 5. We totally lucked out.

Caleb loves them. They have velcro, so he plays with them all the time. Plus, they light up, which he loves. He plays with them all the time when he's not wearing them and gets excited when he actually gets to wear them (since that means we're finally leaving the house).


Barbour said...

We have last years shoes just like that. teak got them this year, well maybe they are two years old. Anyways a strap broke but he loved them also.

Fox Family said...

Very cool shoes!! Levi is so jealous!