Thursday, July 31, 2008

Caleb's Cousins

All of the Rosener cousins are in Utah these days (and by Rosener cousins, I mean Caleb's cousins on my side of the family). In case you don't know them all, pictured above are Caleb, Nora holding Eliot, Agnes, and Sara. It was tricky trying to get a good picture of all five of them. Caleb and Sara were the hardest. They just didn't want to sit in the picture and each wanted to sit in their mommy's lap. But since neither Holly or I wanted to be in the picture, we just kept tossing them back into the pile.

Then, after we changed outfits, we decided to take some of each family. Well, Caleb has no siblings, so that meant just a picture of him by himself. Suddenly, he turned on all the charm. The photographer was planning on snapping a quick one of him standing before he could run away. But Caleb sat right on down where he was supposed to be and smiled up at her. Why he couldn't do that when his cousins were in the picture too, I don't know.


Barbour said...

He wanted all the lime light

Cheryl said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!