Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Practice Photography

While Caleb and I were out shopping last night, we stopped in at Babies R Us, hoping that they would have baby bicycle helmets (since REI didn't and we were right next door, so we might as well check). After wandering the aisles for a little bit (because I LOVE baby stores and would buy absolutely everything if I could), we were about to leave (without buying a single thing, I might add) when this lady comes up to us.

She says that she works at Kiddie Kandids, which is in Babies R Us, and asks if we've ever been to Kiddie Kandids before. Not here, I tell her, but when the baby was little, yeah. (I smoothly made it sound like we'd only been once, a long time ago, when in actuality I think we have been five times now. That's still not a whole lot. And I also didn't mention that Kiddie Kandids is my favorite place to get Caleb's picture taken. The only downside, besides the ridiculous cost to buy anything, is that you only get six poses to choose from.)

She continues by saying that she needs some practice photographing babies and if we'd help her out, she'd give us a free 8x10. Needless to say, I agreed.

She was actually really good. Definitely didn't need practice. Except maybe in closing the sale, since she was way laid back with us and didn't pressure us to buy anything, which means that I didn't buy anything. But here's a look at the cuteness that is my baby.

And one cute little montage collection, which I was really tempted to buy, but didn't. Though I still kind of want it. Oh well. We did get our cute free 8x10.


Barbour said...

YOU stayed strong. Those are the best yet in my little old opinion.

Patti said...

Do you think it was a ploy to get you to sit for the shoot and then once you saw the pictures she thought you'd fork out the dough? Nana would have forked. Great pix.