Wednesday, July 30, 2008

For your Birthday, I tried to put some of my feelings about you into words. Apparently there is not enough web space. Even if there was I don't think I could portray exactly how I feel. The following was the best I could do.

Simple Truths

The glisten in your big brown eyes
Brings light to my life

The touch of your slender fingers
Cools, and warms, and fills

The smile upon your tender lips
Makes my troubles flee

The way you love our little boy
Brings tears to my eyes

The look of longing on your face
Draws me to your kiss

The closeness of your soft embrace
Makes anywhere home

How I survived without you
Is a mystery

When I think about the future
All I see is you

You are my joy, peace, breath, hope, love
The simple truth is I need you
For Eternity

I wish I could be with you on your birthday. I am there in heart and spirit. Just know you are loved more than any silly poem can say. Happy Birthday!!!

In case you are wondering- this is your husband :)


Barbour said...

How sweet. I thought it was you writing it. Happy Birthday. Hope Utah is doing you well. If not, come visit your hubby aug. 8-12 I'll be there.:)

Patti said...

Brandon, that was so sweet- not silly at all. It even made me cry (okay, so we all know that's not hard to do, but still...)
Thank you for letting me have Karen and Caleb for awhile. I love having them here.
xox, Patti

Fox Family said...

wow karen, that was a super fantastic love poem from your hubby!! I hope you enjoyed your birthday!
Matt and I were going to go to the cheesecake factory, but levi was throwing up. couldn't get someone to watch a sick kid. Bummer. Hope all is well with you. We miss you!
(Brandon, nice job!)