Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Soccer baby

After hanging out with the Fox family one day, I decided it was time for Caleb to learn how to kick a soccer ball.

He's getting pretty good at it. Well, he walks with the ball in front of him, kind of kicking it as he goes, but I figure that's a start. He loves it when I have him sit in my lap, then I kick the ball (with his foot) really hard and the ball goes sailing. He also loves to just pick the ball up and carry it to me.

So far, most of our soccer skills take place indoors, as Caleb is still unsure about walking in grass. Even with his shoes on, he sometimes won't move at all once I set him down in the grass. He's doing better about it, and will eventually warm up to the idea. It just takes a little while.


Patti said...

I love it that the soccer ball is orange.

Fox Family said...

I am so glad we could somehow inspire you!