Sunday, June 29, 2008

Chino Cousins

It's been a while now since our short trip to Chino, but I just loaded these images onto my computer.

Nora, Sara and Caleb sitting with Grandpa, as he reads them a story. (Which both Caleb's cousins love, but Caleb's not too big into reading books. He doesn't really like sitting still long enough for a whole book.)

Chasing each other in circles, trying to tickle one another.

Caleb loved giving Nora kisses.

Even though Caleb beat her on the head a few times, Nora was so good with him and didn't ever get mad at him. Caleb loved having her attention.


Barbour said...

Such good cousins. He is interacting so much more.

Patti said...

I love ALL THOSE KIDS! That was some kiss! Thanks for posting pictures of those babies that I love so much.

B'more Reads said...

It's nice to see Dad with all the kids

Nora's world said...

Can you send me copies?

Kristy said...

the door at your house is ORANGE!
(okay, i guess it's not *your* house anymore but i'll always think of it as your house!)