Saturday, April 25, 2009

At the Collinwoods

While in California, we stayed with Brandon's brother Rick. Caleb had such a fun time playing with the boys. He loved cheering for everyone while we played pool, and even got to hit a few in himself. He also really loved playing golf in the front yard with Rick's youngest son Kevin (who's a senior in high school). They have a practice golf club that breaks if you don't swing right. That was Caleb's favorite club to hit with. He wouldn't trade for a different one.

Easter Sunday, we went to Brandon's parents house for dinner. While waiting for dinner, Mark (who's nineteen or twenty) kept Caleb entertained playing soccer. Then after dinner, they played some other game together involving very boy like things of beating each other with whatever was nearby. I really enjoy when there are other people around to roughhouse with my boy so that he isn't always beating up on me. (And if you want to know the key to Caleb's heart, it's definitely roughhousing.)

Playing the piano with Rick. (Brandon took this picture, not realizing I had my camera set to something funky, which added a whole lot of grain to the picture. But their expressions are too cute to pass up.)

Soccer with Trevor (who is mostly scared of Caleb and took much encouragement for him to even venture this close).

Caleb wearing his battle armor.


The R.O.C. said...

Wait a minute. Agnes definitely didn't get the key to Caleb's heart and she tried rough housing!