Monday, April 27, 2009

In Chino

While we were in California for two whole days, we went to the park in my dad's neighborhood.

These cute girls (aka my nieces) thought that digging in the dirt and pretending to build sand castles was a fun way to play at the park.

This mischievous little boy (aka my son) ran off to find his own idea of fun.

I know, it's a big shocker to you that he chose basketball over...well, everything.

At least the guys playing were really cool about it. They let Caleb play with their extra ball and even switched up their game to play half court so that he could have his own hoop.


Bekah said...

I remember that park. Looks like the cousins had a great time there.

Patti said...

Such CUTE KIDS! I'm so jealous that you've gotten to see all my grandkids in the last couple weeks and I haven't.

Lisa said...

I love how Caleb loves basketball so much. What a boy. Jake loves it too, we should get them together to play sometime. Except there might be some sharing issues...