Friday, April 24, 2009

Roseners {on Easter}

After being in Arizona for several days, we decided to drive to California for Easter. It was a relatively easy drive, which made us think we'll be making more such trips after we move to Arizona.

We surprised Brandon's parents on Easter (pictures from there to follow eventually, but Caleb just woke up from his nap and I only had the Rosener pictures done, so that's what you get till the next time I feel like editing photos), then headed down to Irvine to see my side of the family.

Someone mentioned not having pictures of the girls with the rest of the family, so of course I had to take out my camera and snap a few.

My niece Nora with my uncle David.

Nora and my aunt Marta. Marta's baby had barely gone to bed when we got there. We snuck upstairs to see her, but that was before the camera came out.

The picture below is my absolute favorite of the day. I love the way Grandpa is looking so sweetly at Sara.

While the girls were all cuddles and smiles, Caleb was too busy being a boy to even look at me. That kid seriously loves basketball. Even basketball toys meant for a one year old.

For some reason, I absolutely love these last three photos.