Friday, April 24, 2009

Missionary Ball

April 3rd, we went to Brandon's missionary reunion in Utah. It was kind of a spur of the moment decision to go, as he got the text about the party just a few hours before it started.

The reunion was held in American Fork in the cultural hall of one of the church buildings. It's been several years since Brandon got home from his mission, so the number of people he knows at these reunions has significantly decreased over the years. There were more children at this reunion, however, than at any we've been to before.

One of the other little kids there had a small soccer ball that he was playing with (that I later found out came from the nursery, but at the time thought his parents had been better prepared than Caleb's parents were for this function). Caleb saw the ball, saw the basketball hoops hanging down in the cultural hall and realized what seemed like a room full of boring grown ups could actually be a little boy's paradise.

Immediately, he asked me for a ball. I didn't have one. I searched the car, knowing that there had recently been one there, but we'd unfortunately cleaned out the car since the ball had last been there. But Caleb was adamant that he needed one. So I rolled up my scarf into the best ball possible and handed it to him. He was ecstatic.

All he wanted to do the rest of the night was play basketball. Of course, this required either Mommy or Daddy holding him up super high so he could make the ball into the basket. (Sadly, only Daddy could actually hold Caleb up high enough. Even when I got on a chair, he wouldn't throw the ball because he wasn't up high enough to dunk the ball. On the plus side, Brandon's arms were a whole lot more sore than mine at the end of the night.)

Brandon's favorite part of the game was that after dunking the ball, Caleb would hang from the hoop like a true baller.


Patti said...

Love that last one, hanging from the rim.