Friday, April 3, 2009


Knowing what almost all Caleb's presents were, I thought I'd start with the most boring first. That way, he wouldn't get distracted and would be more willing to continue opening his gifts.

The first one I gave him was an Elmo book. Yes, he loves Elmo and he likes books from time to time, but he was so excited by his Elmo book that he didn't want to open any more presents.

It took some enticing, but we finally got him to open another. This one was from his cousin Trevor and his uncle Nathan.

After that, he spent most his time hiding his presents from Sara so she couldn't play with them. Especially his Elmo book.

Brandon hung Caleb upside down in order to get him to even peek at the next gift, and even still, I had to have Sara help take the present out of the bag.

Below, is a present he got from Nana. This one was the definite end all of gift opening.

Caleb, being the music lover that he is, wouldn't let go of the drumsticks to open the last present. Finally, I let his cousins all take turns ripping the paper off the last box till finally Caleb was interested enough to finish the job. Such a stinker. I'm glad he liked his presents though (even if someone else had to unwrap them for him).


Lesley Wright said...

WOW! I can't believe that Caleb is already 2 years old. Time flies and he is not even my boy. Have you decided where to move? Are you doing APX again?

Lesley Wright said...

OH and I love his cake. It was so fun. I bet he loved it. Caleb is so cute playing mini golf.