Friday, April 24, 2009

Egg Hunt

April 7th we drove down to Arizona and spent the rest of the week there looking for a house. We stayed with Brandon's best friend from high school, Bon, and his wife, Jessie. Jessie watched Caleb while we were house hunting and he absolutely loved her. To the point that when he would wake up from his nap, he would ask for Jessie even if we were home again.

Saturday morning, Jessie and I took Caleb to their ward's Easter egg hunt. It started promptly at eight in the morning. We weren't that prompt (seriously, who gets up that early if they don't have to?) and got there maybe eight minutes late. It was raining. The hunt was in an orchard, so it was all muddy. Being eight whole minutes late, most the eggs had already been snatched up by the older kids and neither Jessie nor I wanted to trudge through the mud looking for eggs for Caleb.

We found one only a few steps off the path that had already been found, stripped of its candy, and then discarded. Even so, a candyless egg was still an egg and it's not like Caleb knew there was supposed to be candy inside.

(Notice the cute Valentine's bag that Caleb is using to hold his eggs. You can tell Easter is a big holiday for me.)

After finding our one egg, we headed over to the covered area where all the food was. They had an Easter bunny there. It's the first one Caleb's ever seen and he wasn't the hugest fan. I had someone take our picture (our camera is a little tricky for some people to use) and this is how it turned out. Normally I wouldn't post such an awful picture (especially since I'm in it), but it was Caleb's first time with the Easter bunny, so here you go.

After breakfast, Caleb kept asking for more eggs. Being the amazing mother that I am, I miraculously obliged. I found two more abandoned eggs (candyless again) and Caleb happily scooped them up. Then, just a foot or so away, I spotted an egg hidden in the grass that still had candy in it. I was so excited! After that I kept my eyes peeled as we walked back to our car and managed to find one more that still had candy in it.

Once we got in the car and Caleb started to go through his bag, he discovered the candy in the eggs and his excitement finally matched mine. He kept asking for more eggs, so we told him we could hide them again later if he wanted (though he forgot about it, so it never ended up happening).

Hurray for the Easter party (despite it's way too early time) because it ended up being the only Eastery thing Caleb got to do.


Jessie said...

Oh, the strict scheduling of Easter Eggs Hunts! Luckily, Caleb had Super Mom to find some candy filled eggs for him! I had such a blast that weekend with you guys! :)

Jill said...

so where did you decide to look in AZ?

Patti said...

The last picture is adorable! I miss that boy. If he'd been at Nana's house for Easter, we'd have had a huge Easter egg hunt and he'd have had a blast.

Barbour said...

that is an intresting easter bunny I'm a little scared