Monday, April 27, 2009

The Reads {of Columbus}

Look who's playing at a park!

(No basketballs were harmed in order to make this playing possible.)

Our summer has officially begun. Today is Brandon's first day back at work. The drive out here was ridiculously long, but we survived it by stopping for a couple days at my sister's house in Columbus. And since today is her birthday, I thought it only fitting that I post a couple pictures of her adorable children.

First up, Agnes. She's three and is so full of love. More than once while we were there, she told me she loved me, just out of the blue.

Then there's Eliot, who's ten months old. He's seriously a poster child for why you should have a second baby. He's a super smiley baby that is impossible not to fall madly in love with. (Not to mention, he didn't mind if I wanted to take a million pictures of him.)

And lastly, there's my kid who I have to beg to let me take his picture these days.

It was freezing cold in Columbus (at least for my taste) and we ended up leaving the park because it started to rain on us. I'm sure the kiddos would have loved to keep playing despite the weather.


Patti said...

Great post, great pictures. I love ALL those kids so much!!!! Happy Golden Birthday, Laura!

Bekah said...

I always love pictures of cousins playing. These kids are so adorable. Having fun even in the cold. Love it.
thanks for sharing

Barbour said...

glad you made it there. I can't believe there is snow. I've been in cali way to long