Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mini Golf Party

For Caleb's birthday, we went down to St. George so Caleb could hang out with his cousins (who met us there). On his actual birthday, we went miniature golfing. Caleb got to chill with three cousins, three grandparents, two uncles, and one aunt. And his fabulous parents, of course.

Brandon tried to teach Caleb how to golf properly. Caleb really liked doing it on his own.

Eventually, Caleb decided that his way worked better than Daddy's way.

Caleb and Trevor really liked putting their ball right next to the hole and then hitting it in. After a while, whenever any of us "grown ups" would miss, Trevor took it upon himself to help us hit our ball in the hole. It definitely made the game go faster, which was good since we were holding up the line quite a bit.

Not quite the whole group, but at least all the cousins are in it. Trevor was the most serious about golfing (Nora might have been too, but she was so far ahead of us I didn't see her golf). I love that Sara's just off playing in this picture. In fact, Samuel has her golf club, and possibly golfed for her. But at least all the kids had fun doing their various golfing or non-golfing things.

After we finished the course, I really wanted to get a picture with Caleb and his three cousins. Caleb wasn't in the mood to pose.

Nora, age four and a half, with the castle in the background.

And Sara, two months older than Caleb, who is infinitely more willing to smile for the camera than my kid is.


Barbour said...

love the sandals

Lindsey said...

So I realize this wasnt the focus of this post....but I LOVE LOVE LOVE his flip flops! It was so nice to look at pictures of everyone in shorts and sandals when it is all cold and dreary outside right now : )