Saturday, April 11, 2009

On a Windy Day

April 2nd was a windy day. I looked out the window and decided that it was just the right amount of wind to fly a kite. This is coming from a person that thinks any amount of wind means kite flying. But since getting Caleb an Elmo kite for his birthday, Brandon kept telling me there was too much wind or not enough wind. So on April 2nd, I determined that it was the perfect amount of wind.

We bundled up, since it was still winter wind, and headed for the park down the street. I was tempted to quit on our way there since it was freezing cold and it was quickly becoming apparent that there was too much wind to even be outside regardless of whether the kite would fly.

But we persevered and made it to the park. First things first, kite flying. It was actually an inflatable Elmo kite that didn't want to stay inflated. And hence didn't want to do much flying despite the great wind.

So while Brandon tried in vain to convince Elmo to fly, Caleb and I moved on to other excellent windy day activities, like bubbles. Caleb loves bubbles. He got this huge bottle of bubbles for his birthday from his grandparents. The wind made his job super easy, putting him in bubble heaven.

After Caleb tired of the bubbles, he moved on to baseball, despite the freezing cold weather. It was our first time getting it out for him since his birthday and he loved it.

Daddy decided to help Caleb, which got lots of smiles from Caleb.

Then Caleb took over once again.

Caleb loves sports. And while basketball reigns supreme as his sport of choice, baseball is a nice change of pace for us and still brings tons of smiles.


Patti said...

It's always such a joy to look at your pictures of Caleb!