Wednesday, January 23, 2008

And Three Days

Caleb's been ten months for three days now. And I've yet to start his ten month old picture folder. I've totally been slacking. But with good reason.

1) It's really hard to take a picture of a baby that's crawling right for you and wants to eat your camera.

2) Caleb no longer likes his mommy.

Yep. It's true. Caleb screams in terror if Brandon leaves the room. But if Daddy is there, and Mommy leaves the room, not even a wimper. It's actually really depressing. Today I even went so far as to tell Caleb we weren't friends anymore. He shook his head no, but I think he was actually trying to agree with me and say, "No, we're not." Hopefully he'll be back to liking Mommy again soon.

As far as a ten month status report...Caleb really likes putting stuff inside of stuff. For example, we have stacky cups that we normally stack up for him and then he'll knock them over. Now, we just hand him the cups all nestled together, and he'll pull the littlest one out, then the next, then put the littlest one back in the next, then put that one back in the bigger ones. It keeps him entertained for the longest time. This morning, he was putting a ball inside of one of his cups. It fit perfectly, and he kept doing it over and over. We bought him a little table last month and it has a spot where you can store stuff, kind of like a shelf or bin right under the table. Caleb loves to pull things off the table and stick them in the cubby underneath.

Other than that, most of his accomplishments have been noted on the blog already. He's really mobile and can go anywhere and do anything he wants (until he gets in trouble). Sometimes it amazes me the way his little body can move. He's still not really standing on his own (although he did for a couple seconds when we were at my dad's house this past weekend), but he can pull himself up and he can stand up using his legs instead of his arms. He can cruise along stuff too. I think he's just too scared to let go, plus he doesn't really have a need to. At times it seems like he's barely holding on though.

We've been working on waving with him. He did it around Thanksgiving time, but we don't really say goodbye to people very often, so he kind of lost the skill. We've been trying to get him to do it again now that we see other people occasionally. Usually, he'll just lift his left arm out, kind of like a Nazi salute. It's a work in progress.

Now that we're back home, he's eating better and sleeping just fine. Just one more reason not to want to travel anymore.

I did take a few pictures of him today, but haven't loaded them onto my computer yet. I promise I'll post one as soon as I do. But that may be tomorrow.


Fox Family said...

I'm so sad that Caleb currently doesn't like mommy. I am sorry Karen! Don't worry though... he'll snap out of it and stay a mama's boy!!!