Thursday, January 31, 2008

Too Big

Caleb seems to be getting bigger every day now. I swear, he's huge now. No more little baby.

Both of our friends with babies the same age as ours, dress their baby in size 12 month clothes. He used to seem so much smaller than them, but these days, he's holding his own. So I figured, if they were wearing 12 months clothes, so could Caleb. And well, I'm getting tired of his 9 month clothes.

Today, I dressed him in this 12 month shirt and it nearly broke my heart each time I looked at him. He's just so grown up.

Then, we were going out and both Caleb's jackets were in the car, so I grabbed him a hoodie sweatshirt. He looked so BIG! I went into his room to get him a blanket too (since it's freezing in Utah), and Brandon hollered to me to get a really good baby one, since Caleb was looking way too grown up. I got out a white fuzzy one that says "Baby" on it in pastel letters. Definitely a baby blanket. It didn't really help.

It's like my baby is turning into a toddler right before my eyes. At least he's not walking yet. I think I might cry when that day comes. (Well, probably not. I'll probably be really excited. But in retrospect, will want to cry.)

We had another all nighter last night. We tried to put some of the teething gel stuff on his gums, but Caleb pushes everything away with his tongue, and hence had licked most of the gel off our finger before we could get to the gums (we both tried at different points in the night).

We also got him those teething tablets, since they came so highly recommended. But the directions for those were even more baffling than attempting to get gel to the gum. The directions say to dissolve the tablets under the tongue. How in the world are you supposed to get those things under a baby's tongue to start with, and then, if you miraculously succeed, how do you get the baby to leave them there while they dissolve?


AbbyDawn said...

I always just stuck it in maddie's mouth under her tongue and let her decide what to do then, or similar with baby tylenol directions, stick it in the back corner of her cheek. She really liked them, so she never spit it out. I don't think it ever stayed under her tongue, but it still worked.

The Crowder Memoirs said...

kamryn really likes the taste, so i just put em in there and let her suck on them. my sister in law rubs them on her baby's gums until they dissolve. also, i don't know if he takes a binky, but that's what we use. if she's really being a butt, we just stick em in there, and then pop the binky in...same with the gel. i put the gel on her binky, and she opens her mouth right up, then i use the binky to rub it on her gums

Barbour said...

Sorry no help. We just letbthem cry it out. We did get gel for Teak but it really was more for us.