Saturday, January 26, 2008

Time to Pack!

We're one step closer to packing our bags. Not for our cruise, but for the summer. Tonight was the night. THE night. Brandon (and the other hundred guys managing for APX), got to pick where they are going to work for the summer.

So where are we going?

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

We're really excited about it. That's where Brandon served his mission (though he spent most of his time up in Scranton), so I'm really looking forward to seeing all the places that he loves and meeting some of the people he still talks about. It's going to be great.

Plus, in the area for our office, is Hershey, PA. Which means that I might as well give up the idea of losing those last few pounds of baby weight because I'm just going to gain it all back this summer visiting the Hershey factory.

And only three hours from NYC. Guess what I'll be doing for my birthday this year. :)

The only downside is that the nearest Cheesecake factory is two hours away. Oh well. I guess you can't have everything. Maybe it's a good thing, considering all that chocolate I've already got planned, I probably shouldn't add cheesecake to the list too.

Oh, and as far as actually working goes... Harrisburg was fourth on Brandon's list of places he wants to go (out of 120 offices). The stats look great for the city. Even if Brandon hadn't served his mission there, he would have still put it fourth on his list just because of how good the stats are. So it should be an awesome summer for workers and wives!


Lindsey said...

Yeah!!!! Your going to be a couple hours from us!!!! I will have to come visit you guys, I am so excited to meet Caleb.

Barbour said...

You are going to be three hours from my granpas lake. Might be a good get away

Patti said...

But you're going to be about a bizillion miles away from Caleb's nana. :-(

Ethan's Mom said...

We have several Cheesecake Factorys near us. Maybe you should go the few hours beyond NYC and come visit us!