Thursday, January 3, 2008

Caleb in 2008

Despite the fact that he's currently sick and hence grumpier than usual, our little baby is just a bundle of fun these days. (Can't you tell by the sweet kisses he's giving his daddy?)

I realized I haven't been noting all of Caleb's achievements of late, so I wanted to jot a few of them down.

Christmas Eve, Caleb started clapping. He's really good at it now and loves if you clap with him.

He can also pull himself up to standing and can stand forever holding on to stuff. He's fairly decent at finding his way back down to the floor without a big crash.

And today, he started cruising! Sometimes we can get him to walk if we're holding on to his hands. But today, he was holding on to his table and moved over to Brandon's legs. Then walked all the way along Brandon, holding on to him as he went. It was so cute. We were very proud of him.

I still think it'll be quite a while before he's actually walking, and that's okay. But maybe one of these days (or weeks) soon he'll be standing up on his own.

Tonight, before we put Caleb to bed, I was putting away some of his six month size jammies (which it seems like he only outgrew just a bit ago) and they are so super tiny! How did my baby get so big? I remember the last day we were able to fit him in his 3 month jammies and being amazed that he had actually outgrown those. Now it's hard to imagine him having ever been that little.