Monday, January 21, 2008


So it's been another couple days since I last posted. We decided to do a whirlwind trip down to California and back. It was fun, in ways, but mostly just exhausting.

For the most part, while we were gone, Caleb refused to take a bottle. He'd take his morning bottle, but that was about it for the rest of the day. We could get him to eat a little here and there, but not really.

Then today, home again, and the kid is trying to make up for all the meals he skipped while we were traveling. Which is a bad thing since there's no food in our house right now. For dinner, I used the last two pieces of bread and the only slice of cheese to make him a grilled cheese sandwich. Then I fed him a baby food thing of bananas (the most disgusting baby food there is, but Caleb likes it), since that was the only thing we had in our cupboard for him. This is already like five times more than he's eaten in days, but once he finished the bananas, he wanted more food. He drank some water and then went on to eat a thing of string cheese.

Now we're completely out of food that we can feed him, especially if he keeps refusing the bottle. I was hoping to convince my hubby that he wanted to make a grocery run, since the world (or at least the bubble of a world that we live in) is covered in snow, but he's fallen asleep in his chair. Did I mention it was an exhausting trip?

My favorite thing about California, besides being able to see our friends and family, is all the good food. Utah is seriously lacking in the good food department (although we do have a Cheesecake Factory half an hour away now, so that's an improvement). We've decided that we can't live in Utah the rest of our lives, if for no other reason than we need good food when we go out to eat.

Every night, while we were gone, Caleb slept in bed with us. He wouldn't sleep otherwise, except in the car. I was real nervous for tonight. But he's asleep now, in his crib, and hopefully he'll stay that way till morning. Although, I do really enjoy cuddling with my baby.

I know it was a super short trip and we spent just about as much time in our car as we did in California, but somehow I managed to not take any pictures. 2008 has been a very bad picture year.

So instead, here's a shot from before we left. Caleb makes this face all the time. Sometimes, I like to give him kisses when he does it. But he definitely doesn't want kisses when he does it, so I'm not sure exactly what emotion he's trying to express here.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention. I got my passport the day we left, so all is set for our cruise. Brandon got the travel itinerary from APX and guess what! We're not going to Belize! We're both extremely disappointed. I'm sure the Caribbean is fun too, but Belize just sounded so exotic. Maybe we'll have to plan a trip of our own.


Patti said...

Belize gets lumped in with other Caribbean cruises. It's not really exotic, but it does have a couple of pyramiddy-type things that look cool. Bud and I rented a car in Belize (it's always interesting to see if we can find our way back to the ship when we do that) and got to drive around a bit. It's got some pretty spots (one river in particular) but mostly it's "eh."
So what ports do you visit? AND, what are the dates of the trip???

Nora's world said...

Sorry we missed you on your trip to CA. I hope Caleb is feeling better.

kristymccray said...

seriously. california? no phone call to kristy? what am i, chopped liver?

just kidding!

can't wait to hear more about the cruise itinerary!

kristymccray said...

ps--i make the face that caleb makes in this picture. only i do it to plug my nose with my upper lip when i'm jumping into a swimming pool!

Barbour said...

where are you going now? We were just as tireded and we didn't even have to drive. So not use to the late nights. I think our last late night was with you guys.