Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Sometimes I feel like I'm babysitting my own kid. He just loves his daddy so much. Take tonight for example. Brandon has work meetings every Tuesday night. Caleb started crying once he saw Brandon put on his jacket. I then had to use the distraction method so Caleb wouldn't notice when Brandon actually left the house.

I totally felt like a babysitter trying to entertain the kid while his beloved parent sneaks out the front door.

On the plus side, when Caleb and I are home alone together, he doesn't usually care when I leave the room and he's all alone. After all, since Daddy isn't there, it doesn't really matter if Mommy's gone too.


Brandon said...

It's about time!!! I've been workin on this kid for months. Mommy has had 9+ months of the favorite spot. It's Daddy's turn. (I gotta rub it in while it lasts... I've only got a couple more days of it I'm sure)