Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Despite the smiley pictures below, today's been another cranky day. Even with both of us home with the baby today.

It's been so cranky, that I developed a serious eye twitch for a good hour or two. It seems to have subsided, fortunately.

Ha, ha. It just started twitching again.


Fox Family said...

He has such beautiful eyes!!!

Barbour said...

In laws helpful yeah right. I got to sit in the corner and talk with one of his brothers while my inlaws sat clear as far away as possible. I couldn't talk to any adults b/c they were next to them. They were helpful with their other grandson Cody. I keep asking my self why bother, i guess it's the whole long suffering.

B'more Reads said...

I'm sorry you are having hard days. Will you please respond to my email so I can just know and stop stressing out about it all the time.