Monday, January 28, 2008

Ten Month Old Turtle

At last! Pictures of our baby! By the time I finally got around to uploading them today, I had over a hundred on the camera. Impressive, right?

Yesterday at church, Caleb was so full of energy. During sacrament meeting, he kept playing peek-a-boo with the couple sitting behind us. He'd duck down behind the bench so that he couldn't see them, then stand back up and smile. It was really cute.

In Sunday School, he started making this really weird noise. It was a total boy noise. In fact, I can't imitate it, but Brandon can. It kind of sounds like the noise a boy would make when flying a toy through the air. I think.

Last night was a pretty rough night for us. Caleb was screaming and screaming. I brought him into bed with us. He laid there in my arms, completely still, with his eyes wide open. That started around ten. I think I fell asleep sometime closer to three. I'm not sure how much longer it took before Caleb fell asleep, but when I woke up again, in the middle of the night, he was lying across my stomach. Poor sweet baby.

Today, though, I think we finally got a reason for all the screaming. He has his first tooth! It's barely poking through, but it's there. I can feel it more than see it. I did take a picture, but you have to way super enlarge it just to see the faintest bumps of his tooth. Maybe in a couple more days it'll be more photographable. (Is that a word?)

I think this picture is so cute. But looking at it now, I wonder why my baby is playing with a purplish cup in one hand and a pink letter in his other hand. Looks like I'm going to have to find where that blue block went to.

The other night, Caleb was up way past his bedtime, since we were having people over and I thought I'd be nice and let him play with his friend. At some point though, I was definitely ready for him to go to bed, and instead of just hauling him off to his room, I started decorating him with his link letters. It makes me laugh looking at the picture again.


The Crowder Memoirs said...

teething is the worst! go to walmart and get "hylands teething tablets," and their "teething gel..." I swear they are liquid gold! they're all natural, but when you put the tablets in their mouth (they dissolve really really fast) they instantly feel better- like seriously in 5 seconds! and the gel helps them to relax and fall asleep when their teeth are hurting. their teeth usually come in pairs, so if he has one, another should be on it's way!

AbbyDawn said...

I completely second you getting Hylands teething tablets. They were a dream with maddie. I never got the gel. But withing seconds of giving her a teething tablet, she'd totally chill out (and at least half the time fall asleep!)

Patti said...

A tooth! We were just talking about his teeth when I saw him on Thursday! I better bring you a baby toothbrush (he doesn't need paste). From the looks of it, he wants a pink one! Is that his new favorite color?

Jill said...

I third the Teething tablets... They really work and they must taste good too, because Ryan never refused them.
Good luck with the rest of the teething... it seems to go on forever!