Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Sara!

My niece Sara turned one today!

We first met Sara when she and her family came up to Utah for Caleb's blessing. Back then, she didn't have much of a personality. But then again, Caleb had even less of one. I remember being impressed at how well she ate and napped though. Those were things Caleb still hadn't really mastered.

We next saw Sara when Caleb and I flew down to California in June for her blessing. She was so good through her blessing and looked so beautiful in her dress. It was on this trip that I really fell in love with Sara.

Our favorite thing to do while we were there in June was to take pictures of Sara and Caleb together. I just love this one where she is holding his hand. I can't believe how little Caleb looks here!

We didn't get to see Sara again until September. Even though she's only two months older than Caleb, she always seems light years ahead of him as far as developing "tricks." Look how good she was at eating pasta even back then! Caleb still doesn't like the stuff.

For such a beautiful girl, she's also an expert at instilling terror. It was while we were visiting in September that Caleb got beat up by a girl. He was leery of girls for a long time after this.

We loved seeing Sara again for Thanksgiving. She taught Caleb lots of valuable lessons, like how to crawl and how to feed yourself.

She also taught him that even though girls are beautiful... can never let your guard down around a girl. (Good thing she's a much better sport than Caleb is. Hopefully they'll be buddies yet.)

We love you so much Sara!



Patti said...

That was so sweet. Yes, we LOVE Sara! Nice post, Kake.

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Regular Grandma/Grandpa said...

You have some of the cutest pictures of Sara, the one in her blessing dress is great. I enjoyed your comments about her today. It is fun to watch Caleb grow up. I hope you don't mind my checking your blog.
Marlene Anderson