Monday, January 14, 2008

In the Right Religion

I think this is extremely hilarious. So I went to this random website. I don't think I could even backtrack my steps to figure out how I got there. I was just pushing the Next Blog button and stumbled across a link on a blog that led to this website. I know, totally random.

Even more random, is that it was this political thing. But then I saw this other button that took me to this religion quiz.

After thinking really hard about my own personal beliefs, and answering every question as honestly as I could (not trying to guess the right answer or anything), here are my results:

Your Results:

1. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (100%)
2. Jehovah's Witness (85%)
3. Mainline - Conservative Christian Protestant (67%)
4. Bahai (66%)
5. Orthodox Judaism (64%)
6. Sikhism (62%)
7. Mainline - Liberal Christian Protestants (61%)
8. Orthodox Quaker (56%)
9. Islam (55%)
10. Reform Judaism (53%)
11. Liberal Quakers (50%)
12. Eastern Orthodox (49%)
13. Roman Catholic (49%)
14. Seventh Day Adventist (42%)
15. Unitarian Universalism (42%)
16. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (35%)
17. Jainism (33%)
18. Hinduism (31%)
19. Neo-Pagan (31%)
20. New Age (25%)
21. Mahayana Buddhism (25%)
22. New Thought (24%)
23. Secular Humanism (24%)
24. Theravada Buddhism (23%)
25. Scientology (20%)
26. Taoism (18%)
27. Non-theist (15%)

I laughed when I saw the results. I guess I'm in the right religion after all. Although, it might have been interesting to see that I needed to switch.

Obviously, some things I believe because of my religion, but other things...I've been told by many people that I'm not what they think of as a typical Mormon.

Anyway, it was funny. Thought I'd share.


B'more Reads said...

So if you have time to take that quiz online, I know you have time to answer my email. Please.

Patti said...

If you ever become disenchanted with your religion, I guess you'll switch to the J Dub's. Pretty funny.

Patti said...

I took the quiz. Do you think our upbringing reflects our answers which then puts us in the LDS (100%) religion? JW-85%, Bahai 79% Orth. Judaism 77% and on from there. We must have answered some questions differently, or maybe you clicked more of the buttons regarding strength of answer (I left almost all of mine on medium) to something other than default.

Barbour said...

I think i might try that quiz.