Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Central Park Zoo

Last Thursday (8/13), we went into NYC with some friends. Our first stop was Bryant Park where they have Broadway in the Park. Several different shows perform a number or two. We got there a little late, so despite our best efforts, this was all we could see:

Caleb still really enjoyed the music and whoohooed along with the crowd after each song ended. Then it started to rain. It was fairly light rain and we'd brought plenty of umbrellas, but it was enough that several people left and we were able to take their seats. After the rain stopped and everyone put down their umbrellas, we were able to see this:

(Above: John Stamos. Below: cast of Billy Elliot, who didn't get to do their dance because the stage was wet but still sang for us.)

After that, we stopped for lunch, then walked the long blocks to Central Park. We went to the zoo which didn't look a thing like it does in the movie Madagascar. Caleb enjoyed seeing all the many animals (and being allowed out of his stroller).

Then we moved on to the children's zoo where there is a bunch of stuff for the kids to play on.

(Caleb's friend Sarah -- isn't she such a good spider?)

And lastly, we stopped by the fountain in Columbus Circle before getting on the subway to go home.

Another long but fun day in the city.


Laura Read said...

Looks to me like you are finding AWESOME things to do there, just as you are getting ready to leave. Maybe you guys should stay another month??

Rich and Julie Rauch said...

Looks like you are having so much fun living back east. What an awesome experience to have.

Lisa said...

How fun! I'm jealous!

Patti said...

What are you talking about? That penquin looks EXACTLY like the Madagasgar penquins!
Love that first shot. You're so creative!