Saturday, August 8, 2009

On the Farm

After spending the day in Philadelphia (7/29), we stopped at a bed & breakfast in Amish country for the night. The place we stayed is also a farm, so there was a lot of things for the kids to see. They even let the kids help out with farm chores (assuming you wake up early enough, which Caleb and I opted not to, but Jocelyn took her boys to).

There were lots of fun boy things to do. Like throwing rocks and climbing fences.

Here's a little action sequence for you of how Caleb runs. The first one is him posing, waiting for me to say go. He holds his arms up like this till someone says go, whether it's Caleb himself or someone else. And then off he goes, swinging his arms back and forth as he runs.

Caleb's favorite thing was the kittens. There were several of them and he followed them around, trying to get his hands on them. The orange one was so playful and cute. I'm glad Caleb loved the kitties so, as I'm always worried we're going to have to get him a dog someday. (Especially if he stays an only child his whole life.)

There was a swing hanging from the branch of a tree. The boys loved it, though it wasn't stable at all and made me so nervous having Caleb on there.


Barbour said...

I love the picture of all the boys backs on the fence

Patti said...

That was awesome!