Sunday, August 23, 2009


Caleb loves his snacks. His snack of choice is Fruit by the Foot. Normally, I try not to let him have them unless we're out and about and I want to avoid tantrums or meltdowns. We always take a few to church to help Caleb stay quiet during sacrament meeting. However, he knows that they're in his backpack from church and will often go digging through his bag (or my purse) looking for uneaten snacks.

The funniest thing about his love of Fruit by the Foot is that he had his first one back in April at my sister's house. He wasn't a fan. In order to convince him to eat it, I had to tear off little pieces, ball them up so they looked more like fruit snacks, and then give them to him one ball at a time. Now he'll gobble the thing down so fast, I wonder how so much can fit in his mouth at one time.


Nick Read said...

Sorry we ruined him. And the funny thing is that we rarely even have that type of fruit snack in the house.
(This is Laura, by the way in case it says it's Nick)

Patti said...

I thought it very strange that Nick would be leaving a comment...thanks for the clarification.
Cute post, Kake. And thanks for fixing my RS blog. You're awesome, possum (spell check likes it that way, not opossum).

Crowley Family said...

Naomi loves those snacks too but we hardly ever get them.I wonder what it is about those fruit by the foots?!

Lesley Wright said...

I am with Caleb. I love fruit by the fruit. He is getting pretty good at taking pictures. Looks like you are having a great time seeing the sites in the East.