Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Doughnut Time

I had an interview to get my temple recommend renewed (8/19). Caleb had to come with me since Brandon was working. Caleb was such a good boy, that afterward I told him we could stop and get doughnuts. Caleb had never had a doughnut before and I had been wanting to take advantage of the fact that New Jersey had doughnut stores that sold cake doughnuts (since Provo doesn't).

We go inside the store and I order my doughnut while Caleb tries to decide what kind he wants. He soon decides that he wants the one I already ordered, the one already in the bag. So instead I get him two doughnut holes. The guy helping us put them in a different paper bag just for Caleb. But Caleb refused to take the bag. Instead, he kept holding on to the bag with my doughnut in it. The guy took pity on me and my cute kid and put another sprinkle doughnut, the same as I had ordered, in Caleb's bag, free of charge (since we'd already paid).

Caleb immediately switched bags.

Though in the end, that's about all the doughnut he ate.


Patti said...

He knows how to work the system! Too bad he didn't like the doughnut a little better (or maybe not too bad...)