Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jershey Shore

Saturday (8/1), Jocelyn and I took the boys to my ward's luau. They had burgers and such and then had a guy from the stake teach everyone how to hula dance. The most interested Caleb managed to be was to play with a hula hoop.

After that, we headed down to the beach. We had quite the adventure trying to get there as the GPS kept telling us to go contradictory ways (like it'd say to keep left on a freeway that only went right, so if we stayed on the correct freeway, it'd then have to recalculate directions).

Eventually we got there. As we stepped down onto the sand, the mist from the showers nearby got us just wet enough to make the sand stick to our feet. Caleb freaked out. He thought it was so yucky and refused to walk in the sand. I carried him down to the shore where we dropped our stuff, then plopped him on our towel. He didn't want to move.

Jocelyn took Teak and Caleb back up to the restrooms and made Caleb walk through the sand on their way back. After that, while he still hated the feel of it, he at least walked around somewhat.

The people sitting in front of us had a bunch of shovels and buckets that they weren't using. They were kind enough to let our boys play with them.

I tried to get Caleb to go in the water. He was fine as long as I was holding him, but freaked out if the water got him when he was on his own.

After I made him go in the water with me, which he loved and was laughing his head off, he was cold and done for the day. He sat on my lap wrapped up in his towel until we decided to leave the beach and get some dinner.

Though, of course, he didn't want to walk through the sand again, so I pulled him back to the curb. Overall, I think it was a good first Atlantic Ocean experience for Caleb.


Patti said...

That's so funny. I love the picture of Caleb where the water is getting him. You can see in every picture that he doesn't really want to touch the sand or have it get on him. Remember when we were at Red Robin and he got salt on his hands? Same thing. He was barely one then. He still doesn't like it.

Bekah said...

What a cutie. I think that picture of him on the towel, standing is so funny. I love the ocean. We just got back from Huntington Beach, it was cold but so so fun. Ryan said he liked it better than Disneyland, Who's kid is he?
Thanks for sharing the cute pictures. I enjoy seeing your fun summer adventures on the east coast and especially the many adorable expressions of your little guy.

Crowley Family said...

Naomi is the same way about sand,she'll walk around in it now but she doesn't always enjoy it. Looks like you guys have been having lots of fun. We miss you and can't wait til you get to AZ!