Monday, August 10, 2009

Hershey's Chocolate World

Thursday (7/30), Jocelyn and I took the boys to Hershey, PA. This was the part of our trip I was most excited about. My favorite candy bar is Nutrageous, but they are so hard to find. Not in Hershey though.

We went on the factory tour. Except it's not really a tour of the factory. It's a little ride that explains how the factory works with fake samples and fake machines. But at the end they give you a free chocolate kiss sample.

The ride lets out right into the store. Which is huge. And full of chocolate. Although, the first thing that caught Caleb's attention was, of course, the balls.

Then we moved on to the chocolate. Caleb was in heaven.

I mean, what could be better than baskets sitting around waiting for you to fill up with as much chocolate as possible? I think Caleb took it as a personal challenge.

Trying to lift the basket he had filled.

Needless to say, it all went back in the stacks. Instead, Caleb got my free chocolate kiss sample. Look at that sweet chocolate face.

After doing the chocolate tasting class, then stopping for lunch at the Kit Kat Cafe, Jocelyn's boys thought our day would be more fun if it included a trip to the ER. And well, I guess the three hours we spent in the hospital waiting while Teak got sutures on his lip did make the day much more memorable. The hospital was actually really great. The nurse brought all three boys Hot Wheels cars, which they of course loved. And by the time we left, they all passed out in the back and slept most of the long drive home.


Patti said...

So did you get to stock up on Nutrageous'???

Barbour said...

um just got a letter from Hershey and they are sending Teak a gift for the trouble. Will post pics when comes