Friday, August 21, 2009

Hill Cumorah

Our last stop in Palmyra was Hill Cumorah. They have a visitor's center at the bottom of the hill with the typical visitor center things (lots of movies and buttons for little hands to push, as well as Book of Mormons in all the different languages -- which Caleb loved and did not want to leave without taking at least one obscure language home with us).

The Christus in Salt Lake City is in front of a mural of the universe. The one here is in front of a mural of the Sacred Grove. Caleb loved the statue, until it started talking. (Well, the statue doesn't talk, but the speakers in the room were too loud for his liking and freaked him out a little.)

You can either walk or drive to the top of the hill. There's a monument/statue of angel Moroni at the top. Some people were gathered around reading from the Book of Mormon the last battle that was fought there at Hill Cumorah.

Caleb held the pose below until I took his picture.

(Photo above taken by Caleb)


Bekah said...

Beautiful photos again today Karen. That's so exciting that Caleb is starting to like you taking his picture. I love the photo of him sitting in the grass at the top of the hill, that's a great shot. Why is Brandon always the only one dressed up?
Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Patti said...

Was there a large stone at the top of the hill that looked like a good place for hiding things under?
Great picture taking, Caleb! That's a very good shot of Angel Moroni.