Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Sacred Grove

Sunday (8/16) we drove up to Palmyra to see the historic Church sites there.

Here's our family in front of the log home Joseph Smith lived in as a teenager when he received the First Vision.

Upstairs in the boys' room where all six boys slept when Joseph was visited by the angel Moroni.

The Smiths owned 100 acres of farmland.

The frame house built by Alvin before he died.

Caleb had a knack for slipping under the ropes to explore the off-limits areas.

Caleb and Brandon standing next to the fireplace where Joseph once hid the gold plates from the mobs.

Caleb was really excited when he saw this basket of apples. Despite the many times we told him the apples were fake, he felt the need to cross under the rope and check for himself.

The barn. Also where they used to make barrels and such.

About to enter the Sacred Grove.


Mia said...

One of my favorite places on earth. Hope you loved the visit!

Patti said...

You beat me there. I don't get to go until next year!

Barbour said...

Looks awesome can't wait to go some day

Richey's said...

In the first picture I thought Brandon was a missionary. Fun pictures!